Ekiti State Government Bans 72-Hour Kiss-a-Thon Event, Citing Immorality and Damage to Reputation

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The Ekiti State government has taken a decisive stance by announcing the ban of an upcoming three-day kissing marathon, called the "Kiss-a-thon," which was scheduled to commence this Friday. The state Ministry of Arts and Culture expressed its disapproval of the planned event and issued a cautionary message to all hotel owners within the state, advising them against permitting their establishments to be utilized for this marathon activity.

The state government conveyed a warning through a letter, signed by Director of Tourism Adebanji Adelusi on behalf of the ministry’s permanent secretary, Dele Ogunsemoyin. The letter emphasized that stringent penalties would be imposed on any hotel that allows the event to take place within their premises.

According to the tourism ministry, the proposed event tagged as the ‘Kiss-a-thon’ had the potential to damage the reputation of the state. The ministry believes that the event is absurd, unhealthy, immoral, and capable of denigrating the image of the state. The ministry also stated that the event runs counter to the values of the people of the state and is capable of plunging the youth morally backwards.

In view of the foregoing, the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism hereby prohibits the hosting of such event or any other events like it in any facility that wishes to continue to operate lawfully in Ekiti State. The ministry has also requested the Ekiti State Hoteliers’ Association to effectively monitor their outlets against being used negatively to cause embarrassment to the Government and People of Ekiti State.

The ban on the Kiss-a-thon event indicates the state government's commitment to upholding moral values and protecting the state's reputation. The decision is expected to be widely lauded by the public and other stakeholders in the state.