Sunmbo Adeoye reveals why she had a second child for 2face and dishes out advice to single ladies and babymamas

Sunmbo Adeoye, baby mama,

Sunmbo Adeoye, a popular clergywoman, has recently shared some insights into her personal life, including why she had a second child for 2face, despite not being married to him. In an Instagram live video, she revealed that some of her friends had given her bad advice, suggesting that having another baby would solidify her relationship with the legendary musician. Unfortunately, this decision led to shame and embarrassment, as she was constantly in the news for the wrong reasons.

Despite the criticism she received from her colleagues, pastor, and church members, Sunmbo later realized that leaving 2face was the best decision she had ever made. She advised single ladies and babymamas not to get married just because of children, as they would grow up and leave them one day. She also urged them to prioritize their own happiness and self-care, and to avoid one-sided relationships where the other person is not investing in the relationship.

Sunmbo's advice is grounded in personal growth and mutual respect, which are essential for any healthy relationship. Leaving a "playmate" or someone who is not the right fit can open up opportunities to find a soulmate who shares similar values and priorities. In this way, Sunmbo's story encourages women to be true to themselves and not settle for less than they deserve in a partner.

In conclusion, Sunmbo Adeoye's personal experience has led her to share some valuable advice for single women and babymamas. Her story illustrates the importance of prioritizing personal growth, mutual respect, and self-care in any relationship. By following her advice, women can find happiness and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.