President Bola Tinubu Shares Humble Beginnings as a Taxi Driver in the United States

President Bola Tinubu, Tinubu
President Bola Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu, a well-known Nigerian politician and former Governor of Lagos State, has shared insights into his early life as a taxi driver in the United States. According to a biography titled 'Tinubu: My life as gypsy cab driver in the US', written by journalist Mike Awoyinfa, Tinubu worked as an unlicensed taxi driver in Chicago to support himself financially before starting school.

In the biography, Tinubu explained that he and his brother operated an unregistered used car, commonly referred to as a Gypsy, as a taxi. They picked passengers up from the airport and drove them to their destinations, operating exclusively at the airport to avoid violating regulations that prohibited unlicensed cab drivers from working in other locations.

Tinubu deferred his schooling from April to September to raise more money, and he was able to pay for his apartment and tuition fees at Chicago State University by taking on various menial jobs, such as a door guard and security man.

However, his work as a taxi driver was not without its challenges. Tinubu recounted an incident where he unintentionally overcharged a naval officer who was returning to the country. The naval officer responded by slapping Tinubu in the face and giving him the correct fare.

Despite these challenges, Tinubu's hard work and determination paid off, and he has since gone on to achieve great success in Nigerian politics. The biography provides a valuable insight into his early life and the struggles he faced on his path to success.

In conclusion, President Bola Tinubu's story of his early life as a taxi driver in the United States is an inspiring reminder of the power of hard work and determination. His experiences serve as a source of motivation for those facing similar challenges and demonstrate that with persistence, success is achievable.